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Featured Authors       

If you ever wanted to learn more about some of your favorite authors, then you have come to the right place.

We love learning more about different authors, and we want you to learn more too. Check back often to see what new and exciting things we have added to our Featured Authors page.

We have asked the tough questions, so watch and learn more about:
John Wilson Part I
John Wilson Part II
Fun Facts:
  • John has a new book coming out in Septembe! It's called "The Alchemist's Dream" and is set in 17th century London and during Henry Hudson's disastrous final voyage in 1611. Apart from the exploration theme, there is also some alchemy, plague and characters growing to realize that the world is more complex than they initially thought.

March 2007
J.F. McCurdy.wmv
Fun Facts:
  • Do you know what 'J' stands for in J. F. McCurdy? J is her first initial which is 'J' for Joan.
January 2007
Don Trembath Part I
Don Thembath Part II
Fun Facts:
  • Don lives in Morrinville, a small town just North of Edmonton.
  • His inspired author and favorite books as a kid was the Alfred Hitchcock novels.
  • The book he is currently reading and tries to read once a year is; Walden by Henry David Thoreau.
December 2006
Marty Chan.wmv
Fun Facts:
  • He adopted two cats named Max and Buddy.
  • Marty comes up with ideas or themes to his books based on events and experiences that have happened in his own life.
November 2006
Shirlee Smith Matheson.wmv
Fun Facts:
  •  Her favourite books are animal stories.
  •  The writer that most inspired Shirlee was Farley Mowat. He was the only novelist to whom she has ever written a fan letter.
  •  Shirlee works at the Aerospace Museum.
September 2006
Cathy Beveridge Interview.wmv
Cathy was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and has enjoyed writing since she was a teenager. She enjoys writing contemporary fiction for young adults as well as historical fiction for middle readers and even dabbles in children's picture books. She thinks about her stories while running with her dog, a golden laborador. Cathy loves putting ideas into print and then refining them until they take on their own personality.
Fun Facts:
  • She is the winner of the Snow Willow award and was shortlisted for the Rocky Mountain, Diamond Willow and Red Cedar awards.
  • Cathy creates some of her characters based on dogs.
Spring 2006
David Bouchard Interview.wmv

Fun Facts:

  • He has written over 2 dozen books, and is One of British Columbia's best-selling authors and most sought-after public speakers.
  • David Bouchard's favorite author is Oscar Wilde.
  • He ran for Canada’s Parliament in 1974 under the leadership of Pierre Trudeau.

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