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All of the books have been recommended by the Calgary Board of Education teacher-librarians and meet the evaluation and selection criteria of the CBE.

Art of Keeping Cool, The
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Art of Keeping Cool, The
Author: Lisle, Janet Taylor

Historical fiction

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During the summer of 1942, Robert and his cousin Elliot spend the summer with their families on Rhode Island. The war against the Nazis has come to the coast of North America, near the little town where they are staying. Ships are being sunk, and the resulting horror of war is creating strong feelings in the townspeople. A famous German artist, Abel Hoffman, is living in the woods outside the town. People are speculating that he is a spy. Because Elliott is a budding artist himself, he develops a rapport with Abel, who is a strange man. Because of his nationality, he is labelled a threat to the community. This story gives a strong flavour of the fears at that time, and how those fears can fuel stereotyping.
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