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All of the books have been recommended by the Calgary Board of Education teacher-librarians and meet the evaluation and selection criteria of the CBE.

Among the Imposters
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Among the Imposters
Author: Haddix, Margaret Peterson


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In Luke Gamerís society, third children are not allowed to exist. All of his life has been spent in hiding. After assuming the identity of a dead child, he can now live among others. He attends a private school with cruel classmates, and indifferent teachers. He knows he must become part of the community, but lives in fear that his behaviour will betray him. One day he discovers the door to the outside world, where he believes he will find the answers to the questions that haunt him. What he does not know is who he can trust, and where the answers might lead him. This is the sequel to Among the Hidden and will be followed by Among the Betrayed.
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