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All of the books have been recommended by the Calgary Board of Education teacher-librarians and meet the evaluation and selection criteria of the CBE.

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Author: Oppel, Kenneth


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From the author of Silverwing comes this thrilling adventure story about Matt, a 15 yr. old cabin boy on the giant luxury airship Aurora. One night Matt helps rescue an elderly man from a crippled hot air balloon and, before dying, the man tells Matt about fantastic. creatures he has seen flying through the clouds. A year later, a young woman, named Kate, arrives on board the Aurora. She and Matt become friends, much to the distate of Kate’s chaperone, and Matt learns that Kate is the grandaughter of the man from the hot air balloon. Kate has read about the winged creatures in her grandfather’s log book and is determined to find them. Before Matt can help Kate in her quest the Aurora is attacked by pirates and shipwrecked on a tropical island. As the crew works on repairing the airship Kate and Matt explore the island. They make an amazing discovery and encounter terrible danger from predators both human and non-human. This is a gripping, fast-paced novel that will keep you totally absorbed until the final pages. Be sure to check out the web site.
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