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All of the books have been recommended by the Calgary Board of Education teacher-librarians and meet the evaluation and selection criteria of the CBE.

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Author: Base, Graeme

1987, Reprint 1996
Picture Book

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“Within the pages of this book You may discover, if you look Beyond the spell of written words A hidden kind of beasts and birds.” This is a classic book for children of all ages, by an Australian author with a wonderful reputation for finely crafted classics (Jabberwocky, The Eleventh Hour, The Water Hole, Discovery of Dragons, Worst Band in the Universe, etc.) Each page is a fantasy feast about a letter of the alphabet. For example, “Jovial Jackals Juggling Jugs of Jelly in the Jungle” not only features the jackals, but a rich collection of other “J” animals and objects. Every painting also includes an image of Graeme as a young boy…if you can find it. This is a book that readers will never tire of for visual delight and brain teasing!
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