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All of the books have been recommended by the Calgary Board of Education teacher-librarians and meet the evaluation and selection criteria of the CBE.

Albert Le Blanc
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Albert Le Blanc
Author: Butterworth, Nick

Picture Book

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Albert Le Blanc, a white furry French bear has arrived at Mr. Jolly’s toy shop. As soon as the other toys see him, they are worried about his sad expression and decide to plan a show to tickle his funnybone. Shelves and shelves of toyshop toys ponder what they can contribute to the show. Pickle, a little mouse, thinks he’ll tell a joke – “But I can’t remember the funny bit at the end.” Sally, the ballerina hippo, decides on an “artistic dance”, and even Jack-in-the-box tries to do his highest bounce. All the while, Albert LeBlanc keeps trying to tell them, he isn’t sad – it just looks like he is from the way he was stitched together. The story ends in a surprise for everyone – even Albert LeBlanc! The illustrations are delightful and children will also enjoy looking for familiar faces in the story since Butterworth borrowed Kipper, Old Bear, Paddington, Snowman and other favourite story characters to grace the toyshop shelves.
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